At 36 weeks pregnant I was well ready to leave work. I had been ready for the last 3 weeks but wanted to work as far up to my due date as I could. My last couple of weeks were really hard, I was struggling to sit with my back and had to keep going to the toilet.

I had some lovely gifts from work for the baby and a lovely bunch of flowers and  cards from my friends. Cant say I was sad to go though as I need the rest.

Well its all over now and I can relax at home and chill out for a couple of weeks before the baby arrives. Saying that thought the other half has this week off work so were off to Thomas Land and maybe Wicksteed park and the coast depending on weather.


WOW!!! Where has the last 3.5 years gone? Our Little Man starts Pre-school on 3rd September and I can’t believe it. I know it is still a year till he goes to propper school, however starting Pre-school is a massive next step.

He has been having visits already as the pre school is where his nursery is. When he goes to nursery he goes into Pre-school for a morning or afternoon. He will also be going 2 days a week now rather than just the one day.

I have to say whilst he has been at nursery he has learnt so much and comes home every week telling me new things he learnt. I cant wait to see how much more he learns from going to Pre-school.

3 weeks old


3 years old



This week has seen me struggling a lot. I have been having a lot of pains nothing major just ligaments stretching I think. My back has also been so bad sitting at work all day. I finally go on Mat leave on 22nd August and I can not wait. Sitting at work all day is really hard. I know its only 2 days a week but I wish I had finished a couple of weeks ago now.

This week We have built the cot, packed my hospital bag and got everything we need ready. I bought the best thing in the world this week. As I will be formula feeding My friend showed me her Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. How many of you have seen one? OMG they are amazing and will save me SO much time. It will make every feed so much quicker than messing about boiling the kettle whilst baby is screaming for a bottle. Night feeds will take so much less time, I can not rave about this product enough.


perfect prep

This week my bump has dropped and is looking a lot lower than it was. Cant believe in only a couple of weeks I shall be classed as full term.

I am still craving these Duck wraps from Tesco. They are duck wrapped in rice a bit like sushi with Soy sauce. I am however thinking it is now the saltiness I am craving from the soy sauce. I seem to be craving a lot of other salty things.

I am starting to feel very tired again all the time now. I go to bed quite early however Cant sleep and end up getting really angry about not being able to sleep :(

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34 Weeks

35 weeks


Hello All,

So some of us are getting so close to the end now. It’s so lovely to read such a mixture of friends just starting out on the pregnancy journey and some almost at the end.

Thanks for linking up everyone :) xx

I finally have my bags packed. I’ve been leaving it for so long, I finally thought now at 35 weeks I need to do it. I have 2 bags one for me and one for baby.

Baby’s Bag…



  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags
  • Wipes and cotton wool
  • 5 Body suites
  • 5 baby grows
  • Mits
  • 3 bibs
  • 2 muslins
  • Little pair of soft shoes, more like socks
  • 3 blankets


In my bag I have packet…

  • 3 Nighties as I am having a section will be kept in for about 3 days.
  • underwear
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity Pads
  • Towel
  • Ipod
  • Ipad
  • snacks
  • slippers
  • Wash Bag inc toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Little Tin of vaseline
  • Clean clothes to come home in
  • Phone charger and Ipad charger
  • I shall also prob add more as the weeks goes on. I will throw in anything I think I shall need.

Doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since I was writing my 32 week update last week.

I now have my bag all packet, Moses basket covers all washed and put back on the basket, Babies clothes washed ironed and put away, we are building the cot up and getting all the bedding out to air. The new buggy is at my Mum and Dads but we do have the car seat here at our house.


moses basket

My sleep is only getting worse but whats annoying me at night most of all is my restless legs. Every night this has been happening to me and it is so frustrating. I end up getting so angry when all I want to do is sleep.

I had a Midwife appointment this week and had Protein in my urine sample and slightly high blood pressure, so they are keeping an eye on that each week now.

I will post my hospital bag post at some point this week and link it up when I’ve done it.

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Morning Ladies,

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I would like to say a massive thank you to Baby Shower Host for providing me with some wonderful decorations and game for my baby shower. The items below are what I chose off the website. It was so difficult to choose something as there were so many lovely things to choose from.

baby shower host 5

The game I chose was called Feed the baby and we had such a good laugh with this game.  You have an A3 glossy poster with a picture of a baby on it. Then you write all your names on bottles which are stickers. The aim of the game is to be the closest one to the baby’s mouth. Whoever is the closest at the end wins. Fantastic little game. You can also buy extra bottle stickers from Baby Shower Host if you already have the baby picture. Included with the game are 3 bottle stickers. The game costs £3.80 which is great value.

baby shower host


The decorations were fantastic and really good quality and strong.

The Rock-a-bye-baby bunting is great and quite thick. We had this hanging outside. There are 14 different flags on the line some are in the shape of a teddy or rocking horse and others are pastel coloured flags. The bunting is 3.5m long and the cost of this bunting is £5.91

baby shower host 8


baby shower host 3


The second decoration is  a big baby shower Congratulations banner.

This is a great wall hanging and is really big, it is 154cm x 50cm and looks great hanging on the wall. This banner is currently £3.40 and is great value.

baby shower host 6

baby shower host 2


The final decoration was the Flag Banner which is currently £2.99. This banner is 3.6m long. There are 10 flags on the banner that are all the same.  They say Baby Shower on them and are perfect to hang anywhere to make the place look really nice.

 baby shower host 7

All orders over £49 have free delivery, and delivery was really quick.  I would highly recommend Baby Shower Host as the products are good quality, fast delivery and there is a huge selection of differ baby shower games, decorations and more to choose from.

Cant quite believe were here at 32 weeks pregnant. Everything feels all a bit more real this week. I had 2 friends due before me and now they have both had their babies I am next. Everyone is now just waiting for our baby!!

This weeks I’ve had a real bad craving for Sushi. Not raw fish sushi as I wouldn’t eat that whilst pregnant. In our local Tesco they do a duck one and its amazing. This is something I have never eaten before in my life and hated the thought of it. However I can’t get enough of it now. I find myself going to Tesco just to buy the stuff and it’s not cheap. Very weird craving.

I have also started nesting quite a lot. I’ve been sorting out the kitchen cupboards even though they didn’t need sorting. I really can’t sit down for 5 minutes without thinking about what needs doing or what I’m doing next. I’m not stupid and I know you can’t have a show home house with kids, but this is how I am trying to make our house even thought its just not realistic and I know that.

Our Little Man seems so excited about the new baby arriving. I really am not holding out much hope though for when baby is here. He’s such a mummy’s boy I think there will be jealousy.

I’m still suffering with the heat, my breathing and sleeping. The other thinks I moan all the time, which I prob do but wont admit it. Anyway I am allowed to moan it’s not easy carrying a baby around in this weather inside you. :)

I feel like I’ve had a growth spurt this week. I’m wearing a lot of tops that just stretch over my bump. This week though I’m finding they don’t fit under my bump so I may have to buy a couple more maternity tops.

Countdown to the end of work has started. Since having Little Man I only ever went back to work 2 days a week. I’ve got 3 weeks left. Whoooo cant wait to just relax and put my feet up. Well nest, tidy and clean all day hehe!!

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My bump 32 weeks

32 weeks pregnant




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