I was recently given the opportunity to review the amazing handheld Dyson DC58 hoover. It is absolutely fantastic and I love it.

It is so light and powerful and  is fantastic for going around the house after the kids have made a mess or our cats have left some fur on the carpet or the sofa.

I love the fact there are 4 different attachments. Well I say 3 however there are 4 one of the attachments is a 2 in 1.

To see the full video review please take a look at our video to see how fantastic this hoover is. I could not imagine being without ours now.

Dyson DC58 Animal Video Review

We are now well under way with the weaning process. Bubs is happy to try most things, not to say he likes it all though.

I decided not to go down the BLW path as it really scared me. To comparmise I decided not to blend the food however mash it down so there were still a few lumps in the food.

He has been eating Weetabix, baby porridge, carrots, coulis, broccoli, potatoes, cheese sauce, he also has the Wildlife yoghurts, melon, apple, banana, fruit yoghurts. I have let him suck on a toast soldier which he loves. He sucked it until it was a mushy mess which he swallowed. Bus seems to struggle a little bit with foods with a lot of texture. I mashed him some bolognese and cut up really small pieces of spaghetti which he really struggled with. We had a few gags and funny faces but we will get there.

I am just trying lots of different things at the moment to get him used to lots of different tastes and textures in his mouth. we will get there in the end but at the moment I am happy with how things are going.

I have finally managed to see a glimpse of the Spring and the nice weather to come this week. We seem to of left behind that freezing cold weather and are moving in the right direction of sun, nice warm weather and lovely summer evenings sitting outside in the garden.

In the UK we very rarely have evenings where you can sit outside at night without needing a small top or cardigan on. A fantastic company called Woolovers are great for this type of clothing.

Wool overs started in 1989 as a small company and quickly progressed to now be a worldwide company selling classic and contemporary knitwear. The company has grown so big now they can give you a choice of over 160 different styles in 180 different colours. All styles are machine washable, what more could you want?

So whether you are looking for Jumpers, cardigans, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, Blues, black, beige’s, reds, Lambs wool, British wool, Cotton or Cashmere then this is the place to be.


The great things about the website is that you can search in many different ways to find the perfect item for you. So you can choose is you want Jumpers, Cardigans and if you want sleeveless or not, you then click on the colours your are interested in and off you go. There are beautiful items for both men and ladies.




A particular favourite of mine is the roll neck jumper they have, which is available in many different colours. My favourtie colour is the pink.

If you are looking for warm tops, light tops to wear over the top of something then check out Woolovers they have something for all types of weather and occasions.



This week we have 3 big bits of news from the world of Bubs. I am super excited about whats been happening, however it means my baby is getting that little bit closer to not being a baby anymore which is bitter-sweet for me.

Big news 1. Bubs has a tooth through. He had been having red cheeks for a little while and then Tuesday he had a temperature of 38.5 I gave him Calpol which bought his temperature right down back to normal. The next day I noticed him keep putting his tongue over his gum like he could feel something there. I had a feel and could feel a tiny bit of tooth poking through.

Big news 2. Bubs has rolled over from his back to his belly. He has been so close to doing this for a long time and it just never happened. I put him on the floor on Wednesday on his play mat and he finally got there. The first few times he struggled a tiny bit, then he was a pro. Now there is no stopping him, everytime he is on his back he rolls over to his belly. I was over the moon when he finally learnt to roll over.

Big news 3. I have finally let him go into his own room to sleep. Letting go of him to go into his own room was very hard for me. It’s like a new phase and moving on, which with him being my last I want to keep him a baby as long as I can. His first night in his own room was last night 12th March and it went absolutely fine. i was worried I would be having to get up with him in the night as he may be scared about where he was. In fact he slept better than in our room. I am glad I have finally let him go into his own room now. He is still my baby for the moment though :)

This week I feel like we have hit 3 very big milestones, first tooth, moving to his own room and rolling over. He really is growing up so fast now and it wont be long before he is crawling around.



Many of you may not be aware that Bubs was born with Congenital Hypothyroidism. I have not spoken about it much on my blog since finding out when he was 2 weeks old. I have now decided to write this post for all parents out there who may of just found out their baby has this condition or parents who have children born with this.

Firstly everyone tells you, of all the conditions your baby could have been born with this has to be the best. Your child will grow up totally normal, lead a normal life, be like any other child and no one will ever know they have this condition unless you tell them. This is easier said than done.

I remember the call we got a couple of days after the heel prick test asking us to go to the hospital right away. I felt scared and nervous as I had never heard of this before, I didn’t even know what the thyroid did or was used for. Now I could tell you everything about it talking for ages about what it does and how important it is in everyday life.

The first thing we were told was… This is NOT life threatening or life limiting. I played those words over and over in my head and felt so relived that those were the first words the consultant said to us. He spoke all about the condition to us and explained what it was. He then asked us to go to Addenbrooks Hospital to have a scan to see if Bubs had a thyroid which just wasn’t working or if he didn’t have one at all. We agreed, had the scan and it turns out he does not have a thyroid gland at all. This was really hard to take in at first, however it gets easier trust me.

I am massive worrier and I was wishing Bubs time away for the first few weeks of his life. I just wanted to know his medication was working and he was going to be OK.

He was put on 50mcg of Levothyroxine which bought his TSH levels right down, his dose was then decreased to 40 two weeks later, then it went down to 35mcg. The consultant did tell us that the bigger he got the dose would go back up. However it went down to start with because he was started on a high dose (for him as a baby) to get his really high levels down initially.

We were having bloods done every 2 weeks and I felt happy with that because I knew if something wasn’t right and his levels were a bit off 2 weeks wasn’t to long to wait to find out and rectify his dose. However as his levels became more stable 6 weeks ago, our consultant asked for the blood to be taken in 4 weeks time. I became very anixous thinking if he levels were off 4 weeks was a long time to wait. 4 weeks was on Monday 2nd March we had the bloods taken. I then got a call tonight (5th March) to say that his levels were absolutely fine and he could carry on with the same dose as he is currently on.

I can not explain the relief that came over me. I felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I could properly relax and sleep now. The fact we went 4 weeks and now his dose has stayed stable is fantastic news and I just had to share this as I really am so happy.

My little Bubs is doing fantastic, I am so proud of him and all he has been through in his little life. I am sure he will continue to make us proud for the rest of our lives. He’s got a fantastic little personality, however I have one regret. One massive regret that I can never change. That is I wish I had enjoyed my Little Bubs more while he was still a tiny baby. His life just consisted of worrying me, going to doctors appointments, blood tests, consultants, worry over his prolonged jaundice (which is normal with CH) Now here we are at 5 months almost 6 months on and I feel like now I can really start to enjoy him and stop worrying so much about his CH. It will not rule our lives nor will it rule his life.

Giving him his medication is all part of our routine now. I give him it first thing in the morning consistent every day.

Make sure if you’re a new parent reading this, enjoy your baby while he/she is still a tiny baby I know its hard but before you know it your baby will be crawling, walking, talking and being cheeky to you. You will be like me wondering where the time has gone and wishing you had enjoyed those precious first few weeks.

I found it hard to find much information to start with but I have since found groups and pages to talk to people. If you are one of those new parents who has just had this news, please message me and I am happy to speak to you and answer any worry or concerns you may have. I have been there and know how hard it is for the first few weeks.

5 months or 21 weeks and my little Bubs is growing up so fast.

He isn’t quite rolling over yet but he is almost there, with a little bit more practice it will be real soon. Not yet sitting up on his own but he is still loving the Bumbo and his bouncy chair.

He now eats different types of fruit and veg, some he loves some he hates. His favourite is sweet potato which he has had quite a bit. He loves melon, pear, apple and banana and gets so excited when he sees me with a bowl and spoon walking over to him. ¬†Tomorrow I am making butternut squash soup so will see how he likes that. Have to say broccoli didn’t go down to well. Will be nice when he can have nice meals blended up rather than just singles veg and single food. Id love to hear any suggestion from anyone on nice things to make.

I had him weighed on Thursday 26th Feb and he was 21lbs 5 oz he is a chubby little monkey, however Little Man was the exact same and now his weight is fine. I am not worried he is on the heavy side as I know as soon as he starts crawling around and walking and running he will burn it off very quick.

He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes. His vests though and his sleep suits are now 6-9 months. He is wearing 3+ nappies soon going into size 4.

Poor Little Bubs has had an awful cold now for around 5 weeks and we keep having to go back to the doctors for them to check his chest. Hate seeing either of my babies poorly.

Here is Bubs 21 week old picture


Little man loves crafting, whether it is painting, sticking and glueing, making or cutting and putting together. He has a massive box of crafting goodies. Only problem is it is hard for me to sit down with him when Bubs is awake as he wants so much attention and Little Man needs attention to help with his crafting.

The other day we managed to steal some time together and we made a fantastic castle. Little man was over the moon with it. Although I helped him did most of it himself.

Here is the Master at work…











Every Sunday is a full on family day of doing what Little Man wants to do. We play games, do crafts, play outside. This weekend however Little man had found a very old game of mine at the bottom of the wardrobe. It’s a game that only ever comes out if we have friends over after a few drinks. The game is Twister, the game we have all played at one time or another.

We had a really fun time playing and I especially enjoyed spinning the spinner and making the other half get into really un-comfy positions ha ha!!


A few weeks ago I saw that ‘That’s Life’ magazine was asking us to send in pictures of our children to maybe appear in their mag.

I sent the picture in about 4 weeks ago and I heard nothing back. I just assumed that they didn’t want to use the picture and thought no more about it. That was until an E-mail popped up in my inbox yesterday saying they were using the picture and It would be in today’s edition (19th Feb 2015) to say they were using the picture.

I couldn’t believe they have used the picture I sent in. Here it is…




I really wanted to try something different this year for Little Man. He isn’t a massive fan of pancakes, so I thought if I can make it fun for him he may eat them.

So here we have my attempt at making a Peppa Pig pancake. Its awful however Little Man thought it was fantastic.









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