I’m really interested to see what people do at the weekends. We do lots of different things each weekend and don’t really make plans we just see where the weekend takes us.

Our favorite place to visit is our local Ferry Meadows. We love to visit here if its hot or cold, we wrap up warm in the winter and cool in the summer so this is an all year round place. We love walking around the lake and the great thing is you can take many different routes around different areas. Everyone is so friendly and always speaks as we walk past each other. In the summer they have a little train running which Little Man loves.

We also love to have movie days and stay in and be in our Pjs all day. We have movies on all day and play games, Little Man loves these days he’s always asking for a movie day. We get popcorn in and treats and just be lazy all weekend.

We love to take the kids swimming, we are yet to take Bubs. We have a nice swimming pool close to where we live and they have a small children’s pool which is really warm. They have the main pool which at certain times has floats and balls and boats out for the kids to play with.

Meet up with friends and their children is something else we enjoy doing on weekends. Little Man and our friends little boy love playing together. We take it in turns to go to each others house and we each take it in turns to cook or buy a carry out. We sit and chat and the kids go off and play, they get on really well and really enjoy playing with each other.

Most Sundays I will cook a roast it’s what Sundays are all about isn’t it? There isn’t many Sundays in a year when we wont have a roast which is usually beef or chicken. The smell of the meat cooking is just the best smell.

What do your weekends consist of?

As you will know We are now a Mummy and Daddy of 2. A three year old and a 4 month old. At first I really wasn’t sure how I would cope or how easy/hard it was going to be.

I feel like it started off easier than I thought, then has gradually got harder and harder.

Little Man is fantastic and he really helps me out all the time. He always jumps up to pass things for me when I’m changing Bubs. However the part I find hard is trying to get jobs done with 2 children who both need attention, and giving both children attention. Little Man wants me all to himself and Bubs then wants attention and get bored if he isn’t getting any.

How do I deal with having 2 children??

  • When needing to do my job I explain to Little Man my jobs have to be done. I get him set up with something to do on his own for half hour plus such as drawing, painting or craft. this ties in with Bubs having his morning sleep so I am able to quickly rush around and get on with what needs doing.
  • I give both children attention, so I play a game with Little Man however Bubs will sit with us and in between my go at the game I will speak to Bubs or smile at him just to interact rather than him sitting with nothing on his own.
  • I bath both children together. This means I know where they both are, Bubs sits in his chair in the bath and little man loves to pour water on Bubs belly. This way I can get the bath time done in one go saving me time and stress of doing it separate.
  • The Mr and I always do a meal plan. This means I am not having to think about what to cook for dinner, not having to rush to the shops to get something in. We meal plan on a Sunday and I do the weeks shopping on the Monday. I know what we are eating for the week so buy everything we need. This is so handy and stops any rushing to the shops or last-minute take out’s. I am able to prepare a lot of our dinners the night before when the kids are in bed to save time when they are up and about.
  • I have a buggy board. This means when we are out Bubs is in his buggy and Little Man is on the buggy board. I know where both children are there are no moments of panic of children running off. In my case It’s only one that could run off but when on his buggy board he loves to ride on it.
  • I have a diary. This makes me very organised, I know exactly what I am doing when and where I need to be and its all planned out weeks ahead.


This weekend the Mr and I went on a lovely night away. This is something we have not done a lot of since having children. All of our time is spent with the children and that is the way we like it, however once in a while its nice to have some time away from our responsibilities and chill out on our own.

A few weeks back I won a competition on Twitter to visit The Oxford Belfry and have dinner, breakfast and spa treatment. We both chose to have back, shoulder and neck massage.

We arrived at the hotel at 1pm and our room was ready. We went and got into our swimming gear and headed down to the pool with sauna and steam room. Our massage was booked in for 2pm so we had a quick dip in the pool and then headed off for our treatment. I had been looking forward to this for so long since I won it and now it was finally here. Our time to relax and chill out. The massage was lovely and we both really enjoyed it. came out feeling all tired and floaty.

We went back to the pool, went into the sauna and steam room and relaxed around the pool on the loungers. After a couple of hours we headed back to the room. The Mr then watched some TV whilst I sat in a boiling hot bubble bath and read with no interruptions. Something that I don’t get chance to do at home. It was such a relaxing day, with nothing to worry about at all.





IMG_1738 (1)

We had a lovely evening meal and drinks together and sat and had time for ourselves as a couple rather than as a Mummy and Daddy. Obviously the kids were never far from our thoughts and we both missed them like crazy.

We then had a lovely cooked breakfast and left. We couldn’t wait to get back to the kids and they were both very pleased to see us home. We had a lovely day when we got home and did everything Little man wanted to do. All in all it was a fantastic weekend and something we loved doing.



We finally have Bubs Christening sorted. Really looking forward to it as it is at Peterborough Cathedral which is where Little Man and the other half got Christened a couple of years ago.

We attend the Sunday service at Peterborough cathedral every other Sunday and love the place. Really cant wait to have Bubs Christened in this fantastic place.

The Christening is at the end of March so I best get my bum into gear to get everything sorted. So far I have the cake sorted, the photographer, the after party which is a roast meal at a restaurant near the Cathedral. Just need to sort the invites, place-name mats. Bubs is going to wear the same outfit that Little Man wore which makes it really special.


This year we decided not to go abroad due to having Bubs here and still being very young. Although  I wouldn’t mind travelling with a baby, its everything that goes with it. Needing to take the milk, nappies, sterelising equipment, bottles the list goes on. So we decided staying in the UK would be the best option this year.

We are off to Centre Parcs later on in the year, which  we are all looking forward to. We are going to the new Centre Parcs at Woburn. We have been to Thetford and Nottingham and loved both of them. We do however think that Woburn doesnt look so established as the others. So we are waiting till we get there to see what we think rather than reading what other people are saying. The whole family love Centre Parcs as we can get out in the fresh air, go on our bikes and have lots of fun outside in the lovely fresh air. My parents will also be joining us on this holiday which they have done on our last couple of trips to Centre Parcs. They help out by have the kids for a few hours so we can have some time to our selves which is really lovely.

Secondly we are planning on going to haven. Haven is a place I have been to many times and think this place is absolutely perfect for children. The other half isn’t sure about haven but I am yet to change his mind. While we all love Centre parcs and it is great for outdoors, I think Haven is more geared up for kids with activities and entertainment later on at night. I have many amazing times at Haven Parks when I was a child and I really hope Bubs and Little Man get the same.

We also have a third holiday now thanks to Bluestones in Wales. We have been invited to stay at the park in return for a review. We are all so excited about this holiday and think the lodge we are staying in looks fab. This is going to be quite a long drive for us just under 5 hours more like 7 with stops though. This wont stop us getting excited about it though. The journey is all part of the holiday, that is if Little Man doesn’t keep asking every 5 mins how much longer.

So all in all we have a fab year of holidays planned and really cant wait to go away with the family and have a fantastic time.

Tomorrow 15th January 2015 sees the closing day of the school admissions for 2015. Usually I wouldn’t know however this year is different. This year is the year we have had to choose Little Mans school and what a decision it has been.

Its been one of the most difficult decisions of our lives. This may sound extreme but it isn’t. We are choosing the school that between us think will give him the best education and set him out on the right foot for the rest of his life. Whilst Little Man wants to go to the school where his friends are going, we want him to go to the school where he will get the best start to life.

This decision that we have had to make could well map out the rest of his life for him, where he goes, whether he goes to college or uni, what job he gets so its a big decision we have had to make.

Between us we feel happy with our choice and now have to wait until April 16th to find out if we got our 1st choice. I’m pretty hopeful we will as our first choice is our catchment school. I not slept for the last 4 nights thinking about the decision and reading so much about the schools and making sure our choice was the right one.

I have to say I am pleased the decision has been made and now its all out of our hands. So roll on 16th April to see where our boy will be going to school.

The Christmas period came and went in a flash. Christmas day was amazing however from boxing day on-wards we were a house full of colds and coughs.

On Christmas day my parents and Grandma came over. This year for 2 reasons mad it the best Christmas of my life so far. Firstly because I had my 2 beautiful children with Bubs seeing his first Christmas. Not that he will remember it but we do. Secondly this year was the first year Little Man really was aware of Santa and who he was. He had been so excited for months.

I was just as excited as Little Man, his Dad and myself couldn’t wait to see his face in the morning after putting out all of his presents. It was just magical, amazing and we all loved every second of the day. We or should I say I went  OTT on buying presents and the kids had far too much. We were opening presents from 0800 till the late afternoon after we had our Dinner.

We all eat far too much and are still eating the sweets and chocolates now. So much for Slimming World starting from 2nd Jan.

New Years Eve was a wipe out. It started with Bubs being really upset and nothing we did would calm him. We ordered a takeaway and I ended up eating with one hand whilst trying to calm Bubs. The other half was stuffing his food down him to eat quick and take Bubs off me so I could eat. After 2 hours of almost constant crying I could tell he had a poorly belly. This was around 2200 and I had no idea what chemists were open to go and  buy Gripe Water. We eventually found a chemist open and the Gripe Water settled him almost instantly. Poor Little Bubs was by now so worn out he fell asleep and was totally out of it all night. Then at 2330 Little Man decided he wanted to get up and ended up coming down and messing about. So all in all it was a pretty hectic night. Somewhere in-between we managed to set off a few fireworks for Little Man and play the Jelly Bean game. However the kids really are everything so Id rather of had the night we did than not be here with them and have been out.

We now have a 16 week old baby and it really is crazy. My baby boy is growing up and becoming his own little person, with his own little personality.

Bubs knows what he wants and he knows how to wrap me around his little finger at this age already. He knows if  he cries I pick him up and cuddle him I am so obsessed with him. I think this is partly because he is my last baby.

He is now on 8oz bottles every 4 hours. His last bottle is around 10pm and he will then sleep straight through till 0800-0900 in the morning. How lucky are we. This was the same with Little Man as well so we feel blessed.

Bubs is now in 3-6 month clothes, he weighs 17lbs as of the 29th December and he is 66cm long. We are still on the SMA lactose free milk.



We have a routine now that has fallen into place over the last few weeks. A typical day for us goes something like this

0900 wake up
0915 bottle

Then have a play, tummy time, bounce in the bouncy chair

1115 have a sleep for about 30 mins
1145-1200 ish wake up

Play Time

1300 another bottle

chill out, watch a bit of tv, sit in chair whilst Mummy cleans, play on play Mat

1500 Sleep for about an hour to hour and half
1630 wakes up
1700 next bottle

Time with Mummy, Tummy time,

2100-2130 bottle
2200 Bed time

The repeat this all again in the morning…

This does sometimes vary depending on what we do in the day, so if we go in the car daytime sleep may be slightly more.



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