On Saturday I had my baby shower which had been arranged by my best friend. I knew about the baby shower but the rest was a surprise. I didn’t find out details till last-minute.

This time I decided I was going to have a baby shower. I had one first time round and had done it once so wasn’t fussed this time. My best friend insisted that I had one though so I let her arrange one for me and I am very grateful.

I arrived at 1300 and everyone was there, my family and my friends everyone who mattered so I was so happy.

We sat and had a chat for a while, before having a lovely buffet which my friend had made all herself. We then played a few games which were so much fun. Had such a laugh with my friends and family and the day was fantastic.

Everyone then spoilt me so much with some wonderful presents, I was so lucky.

Thank you to all my friends and family who were there. You all made the day very special xx


baby shower pics

This week sees me counting down the weeks till baby is here now. I am really fed up of being pregnant in this muggy heat.

On Sunday I ended up in hospital after having tightening s for over 2 hours at regular 5 minute intervals. I called my Midwife who said they wanted to see me in hospital. We went in and I was monitored for around an hour and they could see I was having regular tightening s. The midwife said I would need to be examined and she would need to call the doctor to see my monitor results. The doctor came and was a total knob to put it bluntly. He clearly did not want to be there at all and made that quite clear. He did not examine me and told me to go home and come back if it carried on over 24 hours. Hummm Ok then. So we went home and all seemed to go back to normal within 24 hours to which I was so relived.

Apart from our visit to hospital not a lot else has happened. I have my baby shower to look forward to which will be lovely to meet up with all my wonderful friends, have a good laugh and play some silly games.

I have really been worried about having a planned section. Although I have already had an Emergency Section with Little Man, a planned section is a lot different. I’ve had lots of worries and questions spinning around in my head, so I decided to speak to my Midwife. She advised she will refer me to something called After birth thoughts. This is where you sit down with a senior Midwife and she has all my previous notes from my last pregnancy and birth. I can ask her anything and she can go through my old notes to try to reassure me. I am so pleased for this as I know it will put my mind at ease a lot.

This week I shall be packing my hospital bag. After the little scare at the weekend I think it is best to get it done so its all ready should I need to go in before my section.

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I was recently given the chance to review this fantastic blood pressure monitor. Its full name is the Ozeri cardio tech premium series BP3 upper arm blood pressure monitor with intelligent hypertension detection.

My Dad has suffered with high blood pressure for a number of years now and he’s always had a monitor at home. So in the past I’ve used his if I ever wanted to check my blood pressure. To have my own to use it great though especially being pregnant. I suffered with dizziness a short while ago in my pregnancy and I was able to get this little monitor out and check my blood pressure which  was fab.

Whats in the Box??

  • The monitor itself
  • The arm cuff
  • Batteries
  • A zip bag to store it all in

photo 1-12


About the Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Arm cuff design with clinically proven technology
  • Easily switch between 2 different users, with memory for 60 readings per user
  • Push-button access to memory and average blood pressure readings
  • Advanced one-step operation
  • Smart indicators for pulse (heart rate) and irregular heart beat
  • Hypertension indicator users an intelligent graphical display
  • Large easy to read LCD display with blue back-light
  • Low batter warning indicator.

Very handy bag to store everything in

photo 3-8


Cardio Tech products from Ozeri offer clinically proven technology and are used by Physicians and hospitals around the world.

This particular one is so easy to use and very simple to understand. Once you have taken your blood pressure there is a scale at the bottom that tells you if your blood pressure is Optimal, Normal, High-normal, Mild, moderate severe. You get your pulse rate given per minute as well. I love the fact the screen isn’t full of loads of stuff you really don’t understand. It is so easy to read for anyone and is so simple to use.

photo 2-10The picture above shows the screen after I have taken my blood pressure. As you can see it gives the pulse rate per min over on the far right hand side. It gives your blood pressure reading 102/73 and from the picture you can’t see too well but the scale along the bottom shows it is optimal. Nice and easy and simple to read I am sure you will agree

You just put the cuff on your arm, make sure the monitor is set to your readings if 2 people are using it, press start and the monitor then takes your blood pressure.

Overall I would 100% recommend this product as it is easy to use, compact so you can take it anywhere with you it is very accurate and also looks nice.

This product is currently available to buy on Amazon at £49.99 which I think is a great price for this monitor. This product gets 5 stars from us.


photo 3-9

photo 1-11Yesterday we went to our local Nature Park Ferry Meadows. It’s a really lovely place for the kids to play. There is a little train, trails for the kids to do and some lovely walks and play areas.

Recently they have spent some money making one of the play areas really nice for the kids. It’s all sand under foot and their water areas for the kids to play and buckets and spades provided.  There is a brand new Water Sports centre just opened as well. You are able to hire boats, pedalows and canoes and go out on the open water.


photo 4-10

Little man and his friend had a fab time. They really loved playing in the water and the sand. The weather was lovely and we sat and had an ice lolly then went on the train.

If you’re looking for a day out it’s a fantastic place to visit. There are lovely green open spaces for picnics and BBQs.

There is a fee for parking at weekends and school holidays but weekdays are free.


photo 3-7

This is my last week of being 20 something weeks pregnant. In the words of my Little Man Wowzer. Where has the time gone to?

This week sees me being a moany bugger, moaning about everything. I can’t sleep as I can’t get comfy, my hips really hurt all the time and my back is no better either. Plus I don’t get too much sympathy as I’m pregnant not ill as I keep being reminded.

A few days ago baby was moving about quite a bit.  A friend of mine had said if I shine a light on my belly the baby will kick at the light, so I decided to try it. I put the light on my IPhone on and put it on my belly and baby went crazy. Was really funny felt like baby was going crazy inside my belly. Have any of you ever tried this?

So baby is now about 39 cm long from head to toes. I’ve read that baby wont grow too much more but will just gain weight from now till birth.

29 weeks, Picture taken at my desk at work


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Last week we thought we had a massive problem on our hands. Jess the cat went missing, she’s a teddy cat that Little Man takes everywhere with him.

Shes a black and white cat that we got in France when we went on Euro Tunnel for the day.

last week I remember Little Man had her on Monday in town. Then my mind went  blank I couldn’t remember where she had gone. By now it was Wednesday and thank god Little Man hadn’t mentioned her. He had been busy with his teddy and so Jess was forgotten about for a day. Once I realised she was missing I went into  total Panic and was quite upset about it.

Every Thursday Little Man takes Jess to nursery so I knew he would ask for her in the morning. Which he did (was she found though?)

I started searching the house-top to bottom looking everywhere you could imagine. The other half was searching as well for the best part of 3 hours. I ten sat down and traced out what we had done one the day she had gone missing. I started to remember things about where I had seen her and I came to the conclusion she had to be at home.


Litte Man and Jess the Cat

photo 2-8

By now it was 2300 and I really needed to go to bed as I was so tired, but I just couldn’t settle. Then out of now where I decided to look in the washing basket for some reason. There she was sitting inside the washing basket. I actually could not believe it. I was so happy I could have cried.

I went and put her in bed with Little Man where she was nice and safe. I really hope she wont go missing again as it was not a good time. I knew he would be devastated if Jess had been lost for good.

I think unless you have a child who has lost their favourite Teddy, you dont realise the kind of panic that sets in.

Hi All,

This week I had another Midwife appointment. This was the first week I was measured and I measure 2 weeks ahead of my date. Nothing to worry about though.

I’m really hating this stage where I always feel I am desperate for a wee, then I go and hardly need to go at all. Very annoying baby is pushing on my bladder all the time.

I am still not getting a lot of sleep as its so hard to get comfy. This weather has been making it worse too.

Really excited as this week our buggy is getting delivered to my Mum and Dads house. We decided on a Silver Cross this time and I’m over the moon with the one we chose.

We pretty much have everything now. Just need nappies, milk etc all things that we can get in a few weeks time.

When is everyone packing their hospital bag? I’ve not really even thought of doing mine yet and I can’t remember when I did it before.

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