Not too much has changed really. We are still up twice a night which I find so hard.

This week we have all had colds and its been even harder having next to no sleep and still having to be up all day with the kids. However I manage to get through it and by about 2000 I start to wake up and then I’m not tired for bed.

I have really started to notice this week that Bubs soon will not be able to fit in his moses basket. I really don’t want him to go into his cot yet he seems far to small. My baby is growing up far to fast.

Still on 6 oz Milk every 3-4 hours

Still in month clothing

No been weighed this week



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Genises Crafty-LOGO 2



Can’t get enough of brilliant baking? Then this competition to win a Genesis Crafty goody bag is definitely for you!


Enter now and grab yourself a selection of delicious Genesis Crafty products, such as blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, sultana scones and more! You certainly won’t be short of sweet or savoury treats with this goody bag.

Genesis Crafty is a family business run by six brothers whose parents set up the company in 1968 as a simple home bakery with just one bread cart. Just over four decades later Genesis Crafty is a truly modern bakery with traditional recipes and homemade values.

Genesis Crafty bakers still flip every pancake and chaff every scone by hand. This makes them taste even better, as they can use a wetter, home-style batter which yields a lighter, fluffier texture.

A unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and skilled innovation, Genesis Crafty is proud to still be making many age-old favourite recipes, while keeping fresh with new and delicious creations.


Genesis Crafty Sultana Scones, lifestyle - John Carey med res


Genesis Crafty Big pancakes, lifestyle - John Carey med res (1)


Enter now and you can be in with a chance of winning a heap of these delicious baked goods!

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We decided  a couple of weeks ago to buy Bubs the new Toddle Pod from Poddle Pod. The Toddle and Poddle pods are the same, however just different sizes.

We decided on the Toddle Pod as it would last  a lot longer and Bubs wouldn’t outgrow it for a number of years. I had been toying with the idea of one for a long time and just couldn’t make my mind up. I then visited the baby show in Peterborough with the family and we met the lovely Charlotte who sells the Toddle Pods.



I have to say this is the BEST purchase I (the other half) have made for a long time. It is fantastic and both Bubs and Little Man loves it. If one isn’t in it the other is. I know if I put bubs  in it he isn’t going anywhere. It’s safe to leave the baby/child in it. I especially love them because they are so portable and can be taken anywhere. Bubs used his when he was at my Mum and Dads for the day and because it had his smell on it he felt secure and comforted as it was like being at home.


Age Range…
The Poddle Pod is for newborns up till around 6 months. The Toddle Pod can then be used from 6 months on-wards. Little Man is 3.5 and he loves to use it.

What are the Pods made from?
The Pods are made from hypo allergenic and anti-fungal hollowfibre filling which is covered in 100% cotton. This ensures the pods are breathable and comfy.

Cover Materials
100% Cotton upper half
100% Polyester fleece bottom half

The Pods have been independently tested in the UK and complies with British Standards BS5852 and BS1425. The cotton we use to make the Pods is OKO TEX 100 certified, which means it has been independently tested for harmful substances.

Size of the Pods…

Poddle – 24in x 16in approx (Inner Pod 14in x 6in)
Toddle – 32in x 19in approx (Inner Pod 17in x 7in)

The Toddle pods are pricds at £39.99 and come with one cover. The covers and the pods can both be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees should they need to be. There are lots of different covers you can buy  priced at £14.99 each. So should you have one in the washing you can put another one on.

You can see more on the Toddle and Poddle Pods here




IMG_1106 (1)

As most of you know we have recently had a new addition to our family. I was given the opportunity to review the MAM manual breast pump. I have never used a manual pump before so was really excited to see how well it worked. It has been voted winner of the mother and Baby god award so I knew it must be really good.






Whats included….?

1x manual breast pump

1x160ml anti colic bottle

1x130ml anti colic bottle

2x sealing discs

2x slow flow teets



This breast pump is fantastic, it is a really comfy fit around your breast. It isn’t to tight and after having it on for a couple of minutes you don’t really feel it there. The funnel part that goes on the breast rotates 360 degrees which is great if your moving about whilst expressing. There are also 4 small cushions on the funnel to help with comfort whilst on the breast. After all we all need it to be comfy, you know how much the breast can hurt when full of milk. I found it worked so well, it didn’t take long at all to express enough milk to feed Bubs and have some left for stores for later.

You can change the strength of the pump with the comfort adjuster. This allows you to choose for it to pump milk faster or slower which is a really great feature of this breast pump. When you put the funnel around your breast the hole is big enough so your nipple does not touch the back of the funnel.

You can pump directly into the MAM anti colic bottle or into the storage bottle for a later feed. When pumping into the bottle you simply screw it off the pump and screw on the teet to feed baby straight from the anti colic bottle.

It took me about 20 minutes to get 4-5oz which was fine as I would get enough for a couple of feeds. I would then store what was not needed in the fridge until later.

The MAM breast pump is small and very portable. I absolutely love the fact it just fits in my bag and I can take it anywhere with me. No need to worry about not having enough milk as you will have the pump with you. It is great for if you breast-feeding and expressing or just expressing.

sterilizing is really easy just unscrew all of the parts and sterilise, however you do not need to sterilise the handle.


My thoughts on the MAM manual breast pump…

I love it, it’s so comfy and easy to use. It’s small and portable enough to take anywhere with you. It doesn’t take to long to get enough milk and I found that it takes no longer than the electric one I used with my first child.

If you are thinking of buying a pump then really give this one a go. I’ve got a couple of friends who have other cheaper ones and they are not comfy on the breast at all. I really can’t fault this pump and I have carried on expressing longer than I maybe would have done due to it being so easy and comfy to use.

You can buy this set on the MAM website current price is £38 which is great value for money.



Well here we are at 7 weeks and It has gone so fast.

Bubs was weighed on 7th November 2014 and was 13lb 1 0z. He currently drinks 5oz bottles every 3-4 hours. He is  awake for around 3 hours in the morning, then a couple of hours in the afternoon and then around 3 hours in the evening. I still get woken up during the night to feed him. His feed times are about 0000, 330-400 and around 0700-0800

This week we have all had a cold including Bubs, so feeding and sleeping has been hard for him as his nose is blocked up. I am really dreading Monday coming as it is time for him to have his jabs. I really am not looking forward to that at all.

Since my last update he has started to smile, be awake more during the day and gone from 4oz to 5oz bottles. He is now in 0-3 months clothes and I was extremely sad bagging up the newborn size. Bubs is our last baby so I know that each milestone he reaches is a first for him and a last for us.

His head is now getting strong. He can hold his own head but not for very long. He is still loving his dummy, which he will scream for if it falls out of his mouth.


Our boys




7 Weeks Old


I have reviewed and played quite a few Drumond park games now and we absolutely love them. They are very family orientated, easy and fun to play. The latest game we have been lucky enough to review is SHOUT.

This is a fast paced, loud, shouting competitive fun game. It can be played in teams or as singles. The game is aimed at ages 12+ for 2 or more players.


1x card holder

1x base support disc

1x base

167 cards

1x timer

1x timer holder

4x scoring pegs

Bonus card


To be the first team to reach 69 points. This can be up to 99 points but you will need to decide this among the players before the game starts.


After setting up the game your ready to go. The youngest player goes first.

The team asking the questions picks up a card and places it in the card slot. The picture side of the card is facing the answering team or person. There is a double or nothing card which needs to be played before the question is asked. The team asking the question then reads out the question and flips the sand timer to start the clock.

The team answering then shouts out all the correct answers they can think of, whilst some one else keeps score of the correct answers. The members of the team answering should shout out the grid they are trying to answer just to make it easier for the person keeping score.

Each correct answer is worth one point. Each card has a maximum of 9 points unless you play double or nothing. Beware though as the name if the card suggests you need to answer all 9 to double up or you get nothing at all. Choose wisely when to use the card.

The winners are the first to score 69 points or the number of points up to 99 agreed before the game started.


We love this game, it is a loud, fun, fast paced family game. It is great to play with the family but I also think would be great with a group of friends on a weekend after a few drinks.

The RRP for this game is £29.99 which I personally think is well worth the money. The game is great quality and will last.

Visit Drumond park to find out about other fantastic games.

Now here is your chance to win your very own copy. Simply fill in the rafflecopter below to be in the running.

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Good Morning all,

Lots of babies have been born within the last 6 weeks. Congratulations to all of you :) So because most of us who linked up have had our babies the linky is now Pregnancy and baby diaries.

I am more than happy for anyone to link up who is pregnant. Then everyone who has had a baby can link up any updates they blog about their new arrival. Hopefully we all still have time to blog and are not to tired from the sleepless nights.

I really can’t believe I am writing a quick update saying that Bubs is now 4 weeks old. It really is crazy to think not long ago I was doing pregnancy updates. Now here I a with a 4 week old that I just can’t leave alone.

I am so in love with our new baby and I want to hold, cuddle, squish and kiss all the time. This is our last baby and I just want to make the most if every single second of him being a baby.


photo 2 (8)


We have had a few ups and downs with his feeding but all is now great. At 4 weeks he wants 4oz bottles every 3 hours in the day and 4 at night. As of today Bubs weighs 10lbs 14 oz that’s a whole 1lbs 11oz he has put on in 4 weeks. The first week he lost almost 1lbs in weight but now we are defiantly on the up and the weight is just going on every weigh in we have.

Bubs is quite tall for his age and is now in 0-3 months baby grows due to being so long. He is however still in newborn or first size tops and trousers.

Little man absolutely loves him and like me doesn’t want to leave him alone. I have to tell him not to crowd Bubs as he gets in his face a lot.

one thing that the other half didn’t want is for Bubs to have a dummy. I however gave him one and he loves it. I gave him the dummy while the other half was at work one day. I had to own up due to Bubs crying for the dummy as he enjoyed it so much. I will try taking this away from him around 6 months old.



It feels really good. I feel like we have a complete family now and we are all so happy. Having a new baby comes with its challenges especially when you’re not getting much sleep. However I have to say it has been a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Yes I am tired but nowhere near as tired as I thought I would be. It has also been a lot easier to spread my time between the 2 boys than I thought it would be. This is something I was really worried about.

I am absolutely loving being a mummy again and I am making the most of every second knowing our family is now complete.

First time out with both boys on my own to Tesco

photo 5 (1)


I was lucky enough to review this great pedometer. Something that is going to be used a lot in the coming weeks and months. After just having a baby I am now eating healthy to try to lose some of my baby weight. So to use this pedometer which counts the steps I walk, the calories I burn and the amount of time I spend walking it is going to really help me out.




photo 1 (10)

This pedometer has a 30 day memory and it resets automatically each night at midnight for you. When the data is reset each night the pedometer still adds up each days data for a total over the 3o days up to a total of 999,999 steps and the same in distance and calories burned.

This pedometer is intended for people walking, jogging, running a few miles or professional runners. It does not need to be clipped onto you in a certain way or facing upwards in a certain direction. It can be clipped  onto you belt or put away in your pocket and will still accurately recorded all data.


photo 2 (7)

This great pedometer is the most advanced on the market, it utilises the latest  generation in tri-axis technology to provide the user with super accuracy whether it is in your pocket or purse any position, up, down, flat or at any angle you may have it at. You can also set yourself a target with this fab device. So the pedometer tell you how many steps you need to make to hit your personal target.  It is so clever that it filters out any vibrations. It also will only start counting after it senses a sequence of steps that are continuous for greater accuracy.

The device is slim and small so it can fit into your pocket easily or there is a clip so you can clip it on clothing or on your belt. The screen is a bright LCD digital screen and is very easy to see and read.

The pedometer is powered with a lithium battery.


photo 2 (6)


Dimensions: 7.8 x 1.3 x 3.5 cm

weight: 36g

Battery: 1 CR2 battery



  • Pedometer
  • Lanyard
  • Belt clip
  • Instruction manual ( which is easy to read and follow)
  • Mini screwdriver to change the battery with

The pedometer can be purchased from Amazon.



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