I have decided to do a video review of the scales. Personally I feel it is sometimes best to see products like this being used and working rather than reading about them.

The scales are absolutely fantastic and so easy to use. I really would recommend them to anyone. Have a look at my video and see for yourself.



About the scales…

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Gives weight, BMI and if you have lost/gained weight
  • Can remember up to 8 people’s details
  • Gives a green or red screen for weight gain/loss
  • Easy to read the screen

OZERI WEIGHT MASTER Bathroom Scales video review


Currently these scales retail for £29.99 from Amazon.co.uk

How many of you know that as soon as your baby has its first tooth you need to brush? Well I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t know this. Now I know it seems totally right, I have just started to brush Bubs teeth seeing as he already has 6.

The MAM BPA free first tooth-brush is great to start brushing those tiny teeth. The bristles are extra soft for baby gums and makes brushing a pleasant experience for your baby.



It is so important to make sure you look after your baby’s teeth. MAM have given me the chance to giveaway 3 tooth brushes. They come in 3 different colours Pink, Green and Blue. For your chance to win enter below.



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A massive event has just happened in our house. To some of you out there this may not be a big thing but to us it is.

Little Man was 4 last week and every night since he’s been a baby he has a bottle to go to bed with. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to wean it off him, knowing that he is now 4 and is getting plenty old enough to be having a bottle.

I was washing up earlier on and shouted him through. I asked him if he wanted to throw away his bottles and milk (yes it was Aptimal formula he had in his bottles) and to my amazement he said yes. I really could not believe it. He took the bottles off me and went to the bin with them and threw them away. Then he asked to throw his bottle milk away.

I really can’t believe it. I was slightly sad about it but I know we have to move on as he is now 4. I know the time is right now as he is older than a lot of children to be having a bottle at bed time.

Tonight he has gone to bed and is absolutely fine. Didn’t even ask for a bottle and went to be and was fast asleep within 10 minutes. I really feel that is the end to it and in a couple of nights he still will not be bothered about his bottles.

Here is our big boy throwing them all away





Every Friday morning Little Man loves to stand at the window and watch the bin men collect our bins. He has watched them for so long they know him now and always look  and wave to him. Sometimes he isn’t at the window on time and I see them looking for him. He always comes running and waves and he loves it.

A few weeks ago he was able to visit the bin lorry yard and have a sit in the bin lorries. He thought it was absolutely fantastic. They had a brand new bin lorry which had been delivered the day before our visit, it was due to go out on the rounds on the day of our visit and they kept it off the road so Little Man was able to go and sit in a brand spanking shiny new lorry.

We arrived at the depot and they had ready a hi-vis jacket and a blue hat saying Apprentice Bin Man on it. Little Man absolutely loved it. He was able to sit in the brand new small lorry, a full size dust cart, a road sweeper and then go in the workshop and see a bin lorry up on the ramps being fixed.

Here are a few pictures from the time we spent there.









As most of you who read my blog will know, Bubs was born with Congenital Hyperthyroidism. In plain English that means he either had a thyroid not working or did not have one at all. In Bubs case he hasn’t got one at all.

It’s now been 7 months since we started our journey with our brand new baby who was born with this condition. I can’t say its all been easy and plain sailing but we are getting there and on looking at the full picture things are going good.

We started off having blood tests every 2 weeks from September up until December. Then in December our consultant said he was happy for us to wait 4 weeks until the next blood test. I was slightly apprehensive but the consultant knows what he is doing and I trust him 100%. We waited 4 weeks, had the blood test and all was fine. The consultant then said he was happy to wait 6 weeks. Every time we have to wait longer I do get nervous however I know what to look out for if his levels are off. If at any point either of us think they are slightly off we can call up the hospital and they do a blood test when we ask. Our 6 weeks blood test was a couple of weeks ago and once again all was fine. We are now on 10 weeks until the next blood test.

I am over the moon with how well Bubs is doing, however I do live in the real world and I know at some point a blood test will come back and he will need a dose increase. He has no thyroid at all, so as he grows bigger he will need more thyroxine for his body.

There is one slight issue the consultant has his eye on and that is Bubs weight. He is almost 8 months old and weighs 23lb 8 oz (as of 6th May 2015) He only has fresh cooked food which is how I always cook for my family every night. I never ever feed him anything that’s bad for him as I know weight can be an issue with people with thyroid problems. He has 2/3 7oz bottles a day then breakfast which is weetabix or porridge or cereal, then he has dinner which is anything really all homemade from scratch chicken casserole, pasta bake, soups, lasagna, Bolognese etc etc for dessert he will have fruit or a yoghurt or sugar-free jelly etc. Personally I know he is chubby but he does not look massive to me. He just looks like he has puppy fat. My other son was always a big boy. So for now I will carry on as I am knowing I am feeding Bubs and Little man and the other half fresh home cooked healthy food each day.

Anyone currently starting out on your journey please feel free to message me. If your going through a time of dose changes just remember it may take time to get it right but you will get there.

Here is our little beauty


On Monday we decided to go to Hunstanton. BIG MISTAKE as the traffic was horrendous, a 1 hour journey took us 2 hours and it was the same coming home.

It was however a great day as it was Bubs first seaside trip and he loved it.


We sat on the beach for lunch and after Little Man wanted to go on the rides. I am never to keen on going on those sorts of rides as you hear of all sorts, but he wanted to go so we stuck to the safe ones. He went on the carousel, big slide, bouncy castle maze, trampoline bungee and a few others. He had a really good day and really enjoyed himself. Bubs slept in his pram most of the time we were at the rides.


Love family days out were on the look out for new places to try, if you have any ideas please leave me a comment letting me know where we could try next.



Little Man has just turned 4 and I really am struggling to get to grips with it. He is growing up so fast and turning into his own little person.

Over the last 4 years our lives have changed so much to how they used to be. The change is 100% for the better because our Little Man and now Bubs have been brought into this world. Our world is so much brighter and happier with Little Man in it and it feels like he has been here forever.

Little Man has grown into a confident little boy that makes us laugh and smile 99% of the time, the other 1% he pushes it.

We are so proud of the way he is with his little brother. We had a few accidents in the early days when Little Man didn’t realise just how delicate Bubs was. Now he is so helpful, passing me nappies and clothes and always wanting to play with Bubs and hold him and even change his nappy (lucky me) Little Man has taken to Bubs so well and they both adore each other so much.

This year Little man starts school which is the next phase in his life, another new start and new beginning. The end of an era with nursery/pre-school ending. A place he has known since he was 9 months old, a place he loves going to that will be no more. Everything has now change now our Little man has turned 4.

Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you Little Man, carry on the way you are and the sky is the limit and I hope you take every good chance in life you get and grab it with both hands.

Lots of Love Mummy, Daddy and Bubs xxx


A look back over the last year156













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I have decided not to post an update for a while due to the fact that I didn’t have a great deal to say. I have a few updates for you since last time now.

5 days and 7 months

5 days and 7 months

21st April 2015 saw Bubs sit on his own for the first time. He had been sitting for a while on his own but had been leaning forward a lot. This was the first day that he sat up straight on his own for about 10 minutes. Since then he has been sitting up more and more until now he sits playing with toys for 20 ish minutes a time.

He is really trying to start to crawl now, he gets right up high and gets on his knees wont be long now.

He is in 6-9 month clothing.

He came with us on our first family holiday as a 4 to woburn Centre Parcs.

He had his 3rd tooth front at the top come through today 9th May 2015.swings



Little Man update…

He finally started to stay at my Mum and dad’s house again. Just over a year and half ago our of no where he wouldn’t leave us overnight. He hadn’t wanted to stay out at all in all this time. He one day asked to stay at my Mum and Dads. I said yes expecting to be going over at 11pm to fetch him home. Nope he stayed and had so much fun, he then stayed again 2 days later and now if it was up to him he would be there all the time.

We found out our Little Man had got our first choice school place, whooooo. Cant believe how fast time is going to be honest.

He is becoming more independent rather than hanging onto me all the time. He is a big softie still so I’m trying to toughen him up ready for school.



I had a big blank wall in the kitchen and I had no idea what to put on this space for a long time. I decided to look on Pinterest for some ideas.

I found some wall art that I absolutely loved. I ordered the wall art and I them set about sorting out everything else I needed.

Here is what we ended up with. Do you like it? It took me 3 hours in total to do the whole wall. The clocks are set to the time the boys were born.

I have put black over the boys real names as I don’t publish their real names on the blog, however you can see most of it.






We have just got back from Centre Parcs Woburn. This is the newest park and has been open less than a year.





We are big Centre Parcs fans, its fantastic for the kids. With Woburn being just over an hour away from us its perfect travelling with the children too.

Previously we have visited Sherwood and Elveden and really was not sure what to expect at Woburn. we thought it might be all too new and not established. The arrival was fantastic and quick, we parked up and went for a walk around and had some lunch in the sports bar. The food was fantastic in there and not to pricey for this sort of place.

You don’t have a key for your lodge you have a stretchy wrist band that you just put up to the key pad on your door and it opens. You also use this for your locker in the swimming pool and you can register your bank card to it so you can pay using it and don’t have to carry cash around. I personally think this is a great idea. (you can keep it on in the water so never any need to take it off)

The lodge was fantastic and clean, Little man loved it and didn’t want to leave. My parents stayed in the hotel which was so luxurious and it still smelt brand new.



We did a few activities whilst there, Little man went on the kids jet skis, there is a soft play area which he loved and we went on the lake on the boats. There is also a lovely sand area near the lake like the beach which he loved playing on making sand castles. We also played golf which was slightly disappointing. It was  a bit boring and all the holes seemed to be the same shape or same size. I prefer crazy golf where you have to go through obstacles or down holes and come out somewhere else.







We had a meal on night at the Indian and I am afraid to say it was blooming awful. We actually put in a complaint and got a chunk of money refunded. We are not really people to complain but our meal was awful and had no choice. It was also far to pricey a main dish i.e. Chicken madras was £13 which I think is far to expensive. The food tasted awful my Little Man could have cooked a better curry.

All in all we had a great week away but would not go back to Woburn. It is not established enough, so all the lodges seemed rammed in where as at Elveden and Sherwood you are really amongst the trees and feel a lot more secluded which we prefer.


Inside the cabanas at the pool





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