We started off on our weaning journey a few weeks ago now. I always said I will never use baby food jars. Each to their own and people who do use them then there is nothing wrong with that, however I don’t really want to use them if I don’t have to.

Every night I cook fresh homemade food for the Mister, Little man and me. If the Mister and I have something spicy I cook Little Man something different. I now also have to think about Bubs and what he wants.

His recent new eats have been…

Homemade Carbarnara Pasta Bake with Chicken and mushrooms
Homemade Sweet and sour chicken with red/green peppers, Pineapple and carrots
Homemade chicken casserole with swede, parsnip, carrots, leeks and Mash on the side

Creme caramel
Lots of fresh fruit plus tinned pears which he loved

I was a little worried about the sweet and sour as I really was unsure if he would like it. He didnt like it, he absolutely loved it. He kept opening his mouth for more and more until I stopped feeding him thinking he would explode if he ate anymore. He loves his desserts and jelly is one of his favourites.

I try to mash bubs food as much as I can, however with the pasta bake and sweet and sour it is hard to mash. I put it in the blender just for 15 seconds. This is enough to break it down but still have lumps in it for him. I admit they don’t look the best when blended but you cant beat the taste of good home cooking.




Pasta bake



Since I had Bubs in September it has been really hard for me to try to eat healthy. I am now at the point where I am ready to get back on Slimming World and get the weight gone. I fit into none of my clothes that I used to before Having Bubs and it makes me sad.

I have decided to start sharing our meal plan again each Sunday. All the Meals on our meal plan will be slimming world meals.

At the end of each week I will post a picture of each days meals so you can see what you think. Sometimes it is easier to decide if you may like something if you see it.

Vegetable lasagna using courgette, sweetcorn, onion, mushroom, spinach, peppers,

Sausage casserole with veg, broccoli, green beans, carrots,

Crispy cod, chips and salad

Chilli maybe with a cheeky garlic bread IF I have any syns left

Sweet and Sour chicken with Prawn crackers

Don’t plan for Saturdays all the time as it depends on what we are doing.


On Friday 4th April 2015 the Mister and I had a night a lovely meal at the savoy in London. The restaurant we ate in was The Gordon Ramsey restaurant. I had always wanted to eat at a place where you walk out hungry, you know the really posh places that serve you barely enough to fill an ant.


I was so excited and couldn’t wait to eat there. My Mum had the kids and off we went on the train to enjoy a rare evening out together.

We got to London and went in a pub near Kings Cross and to my surprise look who was drinking in there… Yep Its Ben Mitchell from Eastenders. (Sneaky Pic taken)


We then decided to get a taxi to the Savoy which was a nightmare due to lots of roads around there being closed because of the Holborn fire. We arrived on time and Oh my god it was posh. Walking into the Savoy we felt so posh it was amazing.



We walked into the restaurant, sat down and looked at the menu. We had already decided that no matter the price we were going to order what we both wanted. the cheapest red wine was £50. We chose a £100 bottle and it was the bed red wine either of us had ever tasted. I could have drunk the whole bottle to myself but at £100 a bottle we decided on just the one. The wine was poured into this beautiful decanter and every time you took a sip they came over and topped your glass up. Nothing was too much effort at all.




We both had the soup of the day to start with, no normal soup though. I actually can’t tell you what it is as I have no idea. the bowl came out with no liquid in it and just the bits that would usually be in the soup. The liquid for the soup them came in like a gravy boat and they poured it in separately. It was delicious even though I have no idea what it was.



I had made my mind up that I was going to try food I would never usually pick, so for my main I had Sea-bass and Linguine. The mister had Sirloin steak we then ordered side separate. I ordered seasonal greens and the mister had chips and mushrooms in garlic sauce. The Sea Bass melted in my mouth it was so nice and the Misters steak was cooked to perfection.


For dessert I had a chocolate mouse with runny caramel in the centre and the Mister had Pineapple in some soaked in “something” with coconut ice cream. My dessert was the best tasting mousse I have ever had and will ever have unless we go back here again.







We have been very busy this Easter bank holiday weekend. I love to get outside doing anything, I hate being stuck inside the house. Little Man is the same as me too he loves to always be doing something.

The weekend started on Friday and The other half and I were off to London to the Savoy. We went to eat at the Gordon Ramsey resteraunt. I will write a full post on this later on in the week. We really enjoyed the evening, I have never eaten in such a posh place.

On Saturday I went swimming with Little Man whilst Bubs stayed at home with Daddy. The other half was on call for work so was unable to come. Little Man loves swimming and I have signed him up for swimming lessons.

On Easter Sunday we took Little Man along with Bubs in his buggy to the local driving range. Little man has been asking to go to golf for ages. Our neighbour always plays golf and Little Man always sees him going off with his golf equipment so that’s where he knows about golf from. We have a lovely driving range right near us. It was £12 for 200 balls and we had great fun. The mister used to play golf so he had 100 balls whilst I was trying to help Little Man just hit them. He really enjoyed himself and after all the balls had gone he wanted more.  Before we went out I put a leg of lamb in the oven and when we came home the house smelt amazing.




Last day of the holidays Monday, the mister was no longer on call and we took both boys swimming. This was Bubs first time swimming but I knew he was going to love it. He loves the bath and kicks his legs around like crazy. As soon as we got into the pool Bubs face lit up and I was so surprised he stayed in for almost 45 minutes.

In between all of this we did a few Easter Crafts and fun things. We did the usual Easter egg hunt, Painting and making and being generally silly together.




So there is a round up of what we got up to this Easter weekend. Family time is so important to us and this weekend was a great family filled fun weekend. What did you all get up to, Id love to hear if you went to any nice places we could try out.







Love food hate waste are trying to raise awareness of the amount of food we throw away and how much of it could have actually been eaten rather than being put in the bin.

I have made a short video to show you how we plan our meals and other hand tips we do to stop the waste.

We used to throw away so much and one day I remember saying to the mister that it was really silly. Since we have been using the steps I have talked about in the video we have 90% stopped the waste. Don’t get me wrong we do still waste a bit but nowhere near as much as we used to.

Here is my video

I was recently given the opportunity to review the amazing handheld Dyson DC58 hoover. It is absolutely fantastic and I love it.

It is so light and powerful and  is fantastic for going around the house after the kids have made a mess or our cats have left some fur on the carpet or the sofa.

I love the fact there are 4 different attachments. Well I say 3 however there are 4 one of the attachments is a 2 in 1.

To see the full video review please take a look at our video to see how fantastic this hoover is. I could not imagine being without ours now.

Dyson DC58 Animal Video Review

We are now well under way with the weaning process. Bubs is happy to try most things, not to say he likes it all though.

I decided not to go down the BLW path as it really scared me. To comparmise I decided not to blend the food however mash it down so there were still a few lumps in the food.

He has been eating Weetabix, baby porridge, carrots, coulis, broccoli, potatoes, cheese sauce, he also has the Wildlife yoghurts, melon, apple, banana, fruit yoghurts. I have let him suck on a toast soldier which he loves. He sucked it until it was a mushy mess which he swallowed. Bus seems to struggle a little bit with foods with a lot of texture. I mashed him some bolognese and cut up really small pieces of spaghetti which he really struggled with. We had a few gags and funny faces but we will get there.

I am just trying lots of different things at the moment to get him used to lots of different tastes and textures in his mouth. we will get there in the end but at the moment I am happy with how things are going.

I have finally managed to see a glimpse of the Spring and the nice weather to come this week. We seem to of left behind that freezing cold weather and are moving in the right direction of sun, nice warm weather and lovely summer evenings sitting outside in the garden.

In the UK we very rarely have evenings where you can sit outside at night without needing a small top or cardigan on. A fantastic company called Woolovers are great for this type of clothing.

Wool overs started in 1989 as a small company and quickly progressed to now be a worldwide company selling classic and contemporary knitwear. The company has grown so big now they can give you a choice of over 160 different styles in 180 different colours. All styles are machine washable, what more could you want?

So whether you are looking for Jumpers, cardigans, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, Blues, black, beige’s, reds, Lambs wool, British wool, Cotton or Cashmere then this is the place to be.


The great things about the website is that you can search in many different ways to find the perfect item for you. So you can choose is you want Jumpers, Cardigans and if you want sleeveless or not, you then click on the colours your are interested in and off you go. There are beautiful items for both men and ladies.




A particular favourite of mine is the roll neck jumper they have, which is available in many different colours. My favourtie colour is the pink.

If you are looking for warm tops, light tops to wear over the top of something then check out Woolovers they have something for all types of weather and occasions.



This week we have 3 big bits of news from the world of Bubs. I am super excited about whats been happening, however it means my baby is getting that little bit closer to not being a baby anymore which is bitter-sweet for me.

Big news 1. Bubs has a tooth through. He had been having red cheeks for a little while and then Tuesday he had a temperature of 38.5 I gave him Calpol which bought his temperature right down back to normal. The next day I noticed him keep putting his tongue over his gum like he could feel something there. I had a feel and could feel a tiny bit of tooth poking through.

Big news 2. Bubs has rolled over from his back to his belly. He has been so close to doing this for a long time and it just never happened. I put him on the floor on Wednesday on his play mat and he finally got there. The first few times he struggled a tiny bit, then he was a pro. Now there is no stopping him, everytime he is on his back he rolls over to his belly. I was over the moon when he finally learnt to roll over.

Big news 3. I have finally let him go into his own room to sleep. Letting go of him to go into his own room was very hard for me. It’s like a new phase and moving on, which with him being my last I want to keep him a baby as long as I can. His first night in his own room was last night 12th March and it went absolutely fine. i was worried I would be having to get up with him in the night as he may be scared about where he was. In fact he slept better than in our room. I am glad I have finally let him go into his own room now. He is still my baby for the moment though :)

This week I feel like we have hit 3 very big milestones, first tooth, moving to his own room and rolling over. He really is growing up so fast now and it wont be long before he is crawling around.



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