5 months or 21 weeks and my little Bubs is growing up so fast.

He isn’t quite rolling over yet but he is almost there, with a little bit more practice it will be real soon. Not yet sitting up on his own but he is still loving the Bumbo and his bouncy chair.

He now eats different types of fruit and veg, some he loves some he hates. His favourite is sweet potato which he has had quite a bit. He loves melon, pear, apple and banana and gets so excited when he sees me with a bowl and spoon walking over to him.  Tomorrow I am making butternut squash soup so will see how he likes that. Have to say broccoli didn’t go down to well. Will be nice when he can have nice meals blended up rather than just singles veg and single food. Id love to hear any suggestion from anyone on nice things to make.

I had him weighed on Thursday 26th Feb and he was 21lbs 5 oz he is a chubby little monkey, however Little Man was the exact same and now his weight is fine. I am not worried he is on the heavy side as I know as soon as he starts crawling around and walking and running he will burn it off very quick.

He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes. His vests though and his sleep suits are now 6-9 months. He is wearing 3+ nappies soon going into size 4.

Poor Little Bubs has had an awful cold now for around 5 weeks and we keep having to go back to the doctors for them to check his chest. Hate seeing either of my babies poorly.

Here is Bubs 21 week old picture



Little man loves crafting, whether it is painting, sticking and glueing, making or cutting and putting together. He has a massive box of crafting goodies. Only problem is it is hard for me to sit down with him when Bubs is awake as he wants so much attention and Little Man needs attention to help with his crafting.

The other day we managed to steal some time together and we made a fantastic castle. Little man was over the moon with it. Although I helped him did most of it himself.

Here is the Master at work…










Every Sunday is a full on family day of doing what Little Man wants to do. We play games, do crafts, play outside. This weekend however Little man had found a very old game of mine at the bottom of the wardrobe. It’s a game that only ever comes out if we have friends over after a few drinks. The game is Twister, the game we have all played at one time or another.

We had a really fun time playing and I especially enjoyed spinning the spinner and making the other half get into really un-comfy positions ha ha!!


A few weeks ago I saw that ‘That’s Life’ magazine was asking us to send in pictures of our children to maybe appear in their mag.

I sent the picture in about 4 weeks ago and I heard nothing back. I just assumed that they didn’t want to use the picture and thought no more about it. That was until an E-mail popped up in my inbox yesterday saying they were using the picture and It would be in today’s edition (19th Feb 2015) to say they were using the picture.

I couldn’t believe they have used the picture I sent in. Here it is…




Little Man is getting more confident going off with people he knows. He is very clingy and always likes to stay with me. He will stay with my Mum and Dad, however no one else will get a look in.

So to my amazement he agreed to go with my friend and her little boy to a play group last week. The morning of the play date he got upset and I really didn’t think he was going to go. I tried talking to him calmly and told him how much fin he would have. Little Man was having non of it. Then after about 20 mins he said… Come on Mummy get me ready I want to go. I was so happy and could not believe it.


Little man was so excited waiting at the window for his friend to arrive. My friend Picked him up, I put him in the car and off he went. He waved to me and looked so happy. After about 40 minutes my friend text me a picture of Little Man and her Little boy playing at soft play together and my Little Man had a massive smile on his face. I was so happy that he had gone and that most of all he had a good time.

After soft play he went back to his friend’s house and had a McDonalds. WOW nice treat for my boy for being big and brave and going off with his friend.


IMG_1850 (1)

Any regular readers of my blog will know I am a massive fan of My 1st Years website. I love the quality of the products, the range of products and the fact you can personalise a lot of the items.

We are having Bubs Christened in March and I have been lucky enough to be able to review the most beautiful blanket that I will be using at Bubs Christening. I am a massive sucker for baby blankets and if I see one I love then I have to buy it, regardless of if we already have loads back home.

IMG_1773blanket 2

The beautiful blanket we have been lucky enough to review is the Personalised Cable Knit Christening blanket. Made from 100% cotton this blanket is suitable for use from newborn. It is very soft on the delicate skin of brand new babies and is nice and thick to keep those little bubbas nice and warm.

On the Picture I have had to put a white box over Bubs Name


The blanket is a square shape and is 75cm x 75cm big and it can be personalised with 3 lines of 25 characters. You can choose 6 different colours that the writing can be personalised with including blue and pink.

The blanket can be bought as a gift for someone or it can be bought to be used on the day. Our Little Bubba is being Christened in Peterborough Cathedral and it is not usually the warmest of places. The blanket will 100% be used on the day to keep him warm.

All gifts from My 1st years come in a beautiful box with a white bow on them. So if you are buying for a gift there really is no need to wrap the present up or buy a box for it. 


What do you think when I say Trolly Bag? Do you think about the bags for life from Tesco, Yes? Well think again. here I bring you the next generation of Trolly Bags.


trolly bag

There are 4 different sized bags that sit in the shopping trolly and hook over the edge. When trying to pack the bags they are already open for you to just pop your shopping in. No more holding the bag open with one hand whilst trying to stack the bags neatly only for it to fall over in the trolly.

If like me you use scan as you shop then these bags are pretty much perfect and they are must. So simple, easy and a real pleasure to use. Each bag can be used for different items, so you can have one for fruit and veg, one for tins and cupboard stuff, etc etc.

The size of the bags get smaller  from Orange to blue. The blue one being the smallest, it can either be used inside the main part of the trolly or it can be hooked over the divider in the trolly and used in the small end part.

These lovely bags are all attached together with velcro and each have their own individual handles. So once you have finished shopping each bag can be separate and lifted out of the trolly on its own.

The orange bag is very deep as it’s the depth of the whole of the trolly, I wasn’t sure how this would work and if it would be to heavy for me to lift. I was also worried things at the bottom would become squashed. This wasnt the case though, once you have used the bags a couple of times though you soon get used to what you pack where in which bags. Big heavy things go in the bottom of the orange bag such as 24 packs of drink. Light items that you do not want to become squashed will go in the blue bag at the end.

These bags are so easy to use and especially make scan as you shop so much easier. If you have no option to scan and shop where you live, these bags can be hooked over the hook on the trolly until you have shopped. Once you items have been scanned you can pack into these bags.

The bags look nice and are very strong.

Whats my overall thoughts ?

I absolutely love these bags and think they make shopping a lot easier. Nothing falls out of the bags when stacking, so much easier than flimsy plastic bags in the trolly. These bags are environmental friendly unlike plastic bags, which these days most shops are trying to stop you using.

You can buy your very own set of Trolly bags for only £16.99 which for the quality and ease I feel is a very fair price.



I can’t believe I’m saying its the 18 week update. I wish we could go back in time and I could have my newborn for a few more weeks, however we now have an 18 week old baby. He has his own personality, found his voice, has tastes of food and is growing up way to fast.

He has had his first taste of food, was only a rusk however he loved it so much. We gave him some baby juice and he also loved this. I really think he is ready to try proper blended food and I think we are going to try this within the next couple of weeks. Every time we eat he watches as if to say… Give me some. I hate eating in front of him as I just can’t let him have what we eat and I feel guilty.



Bubs rolled over from his belly to his back this week, however he has done it twice and that seems to be it for now. He just a lazy little monkey.

Bubs has now really found his voice. Up until a couple of weeks ago he made noise and babbling noises. He now can scream and make really high-pitched noises along with his laugh. He has us in stitches laughing with him.

I am loving being a Mummy to 2 children it’s the best thing in the world. I wouldn’t change any part of it at all.

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