So this week I have had a few up days and down days.

It started with me getting a really bad pain at the very bottom of my spine, just above my bum. Every time I sit for longer than 10 minutes im in so much pain when trying to get up. In my first pregnancy I really suffered with my back. I have had ongoing problems with my back for a very long time but pregnancy made it so much worse.

I then had a day of feeling really dizzy and light-headed. Not to the point of feeling faint but to the point of needing to sit down. This really worried me as I am a worrier and always think the worst thing is going to happen to me. Luckly my dad has a blood pressure machine so I tested mine and it was 100/73 which is fine really. SO whether I maybe needed to eat more or if my Iron may be a bit low I don’t know. However I am now fine and feeling back to normal.

This week saw me have my second Midwife appointment and I was so excited as knew we would get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was amazing and although we have already seen baby on a scan, to hear the heartbeat was amazing. Everything else was fine and we just chatted about how I have been in general. Just looking forward to my 20 week scan now on the 30th April.

On another massive up side, we have finally managed to agree on a few boys and girls names. This has been a massive struggle for us. anything I liked the other half didn’t like at all and visa versa. I am so glad we have had a break through though and finally managed to agree on some names. These are to be kept under wraps at the moment though :)

I am still getting really tired all the time and end up in bed asleep by 2100 most nights.


Firstly thanks all that linked up to the 1st pregnancy linky last week. It was fantastic to read all of your experiences and journeys.

Hope to see many of you linking up again this week with your pregnancy posts and diaries for this week. It’s a great way to read what is going on with other people. Some questions I had have been answered by other people’s posts.

Thanks for taking the time to link up :)


This week saw me see the Midwife, for the second time. I have been so excited about this as I knew we would get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. We had the appointment on Friday and it was amazing. There is was a great heartbeat coming from baby. This then got my thinking… is it a boy or is it a girl?? Hummm we wont know till baby is here as we are not finding out.

Our Holiday:
As each week pass and our holiday get closer, I have a few more nerves build up inside me about flying while being pregnant. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. I worry about everything mainly hoping I don’t get ill while away. I am lucky as the airline we are flying with only let you fly up to 28weeks and coming home I will be 24 weeks. All I can say is… Thanks for the World Cup. If it wasn’t for world cup we would have booked to go in June, I would have then been to far gone to travel. We booked the holiday before I knew I was pregnant.

When I was pregnant with Little Man I got the weirdest craving, Dr Pepper. Not really a drink that I have drunk on a regular basis. Since Little Man has been born I haven’t had any Dr Pepper at all. Something weird happened this week, My Dr Pepper craving came back. It is what I think about so much, I want to drink it all the time and I know it’s not the best to drink to drink whilst pregnant. I’ll have a bottle here and there and try not to think about it too much.

Still no movements felt from baby yet :( Still waiting and the waiting seems like forever now!!!

Our Little Man has started talking to the baby. He says things into my belly button like … “hello baby im your big brother” OR “hello baby what you doing in there in Mummys belly” So very cute.

Well that’s about it for  week 16, see you next week for more  updates.

Hi Lovely Pregnant Ladies :)

I thought it would be a fab idea to start a pregnancy linky. Here you can add all your pregnancy blog posts. What I will do is open a new linky every Friday. You can then add all your posts from that week to the linky.

I would love this to be a way for  all us pregnant ladies to read each others experiences and thoughts.

Any stage of pregnancy is welcome to link up with us.

I’ve added this first linky from today and it will run till Thursday 17th April, then I will do a new one each Friday. So from now till the 17th feel free to add any posts you have already written.

Thanks all and best of luck to everyone xx

P.S I added the first one to make sure it worked

Friday 4th April sees my say goodbye to week 15 of my pregnancy. The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. Week 15 was a good week for me and went by with no issues at all. The normal feeling of being so flipping tired all the time is still with me, however think that is pretty normal.

My appetite is pretty normal again  but my portion sizes are still really small. I eat less than half I did before I was pregnant. Must admit this is pretty annoying when I’m eating something I love and just want more and more.

I weighed myself this week and since being pregnant I have put on 2lbs which I was so surprised about it. I thought I would have put more on to be fair.

I am getting so excited about soon being able to feel baby kick. I do feel baby moving when my stomach sticks out, No kicks as yet.

What have we bought?
So far we have bought the Pram which is the Silver Cross Linear Freeway (not at home though) We bought a new cot mobile, and in a sale in Argos we have bought a swing chair. So far this is all we have bought.

My Mood:
Pretty average this week. Get a bit ratty towards the end of the day when I am really tired.

Once the weather started to get nice, I decided that I wanted to get Little Man a sandpit. He absolutely loves playing in sand so I knew he would love one.

I started to look around and found them to be so expensive, yet small and flimsy. Most of the wooden ones I saw looked like they wouldn’t last 5 minutes. So what did I do??? I decided to speak to my dad and get him to help me make one. This way it would be strong, cost would be nothing as my dad has an endless supply of wood in his massive garden.


photo 1-9

We found a base that was big enough for 2 children to sit in and still have room to play and make sandcastles. I painted the wood that made the edges. My dad then screwed it all together.

The end result is fantastic. We have a really sturdy, long lasting sandpit that I little man has already spend a lot of time playing in.


photo 2-7

As our garden is really small, my dad and I decided it would be a great idea to get an allotment near where we live. Somewhere to take Little Man and grow veg such as, Cabbage, Potatoes, Caulis, Runner Beans, Carrots, Rhubarb etc.

photo 1-8


photo 2-6

We went down the other day to set some seeds ready to grow. I want to grow as much as I can for our Sunday roasts. Little Man loves being at the allotment and were going to have his own little bed where he can grow some of his own things.

photo 3-6

After a busy morning at the allotment, dad took us to have breakfast. Mmmmmm!! Little Man even got time for a ride on a Motorbike.

photo 4-9–u

14 weeks on 21st March 2014. Wow the time has gone so fast so far, before I know it baby will be here. This week I have seen the consultant, due to my Bicorniate Uterus I have to be under consultant care. I discussed everything with him. Was absolutely over the moon that it was the same guy who I saw with Little Man. I spoke to him about my concerns after my last labour which turned into an emergency C-section. I said and I am very sure of it that this time I just want a planned section. He agreed with me and said he was happy for me to have one. I discussed my concerns and that I was really scared after losing so much blood the first time and the things that went wrong. The consultant advised that he would book me in for a section and would do the delivery himself. This made me feel so much more relaxed. A familiar face that you know you can trust puts you at ease.

Same craving which is Pear drops and Beetroot, not together may I add. Usually a cheese and beetroot sandwich followed by pear drops.

I am yet to feel the baby kicking, however I do know when it is moving. My stomach goes hard and I can feel there is something there, but no kicks yet.

My Mood
My mood is improving now the morning sickness is subsiding and I am able to start eating properly again. There are still certain foods I am unable to handle but things are getting so much better. Hoping I can start to enjoy the pregnancy now rather than feeling sick all the time.

I have my 20 week scan on the 30th April. I then have to have another at 28 weeks on the 25th June and another at 36 weeks. After each Scan I have to see the consultant. After the 36 week scan my section will be booked in.

All in all things are looking good and we are happy. Little man is looking forward to having a brother or sister so all is good.



Next Sunday is Mothers Day as I’m sure all you mums out there will know. However if you have a husband or partner who is a Posh fan you will also know posh are playing at Wembley in the Johnstons Paint Trophy final.

My other half is a massive Posh fan so next Sunday the other half, Little man and myself are all off to Wembley to watch posh play. With an almost 3 year old and me being pregnant we decided to drive as it would be less stressful.

I decided to look at parking to make sure I knew where we were going to park. Like to be organised like that. I thought the best place to park would be at the stadium itself. Then to my absolute horror I discovered it was £30 to park there just for the time the game was on. Yes that’s right that’s not a typo it’s £30 to park your car at the stadium. I have 2 words… ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I can not believe that they are charging people that much to park. It’s taking the Mickey in all honesty. Have you ever in your life payed £30 to park your car anywhere for the best park of 3 hours. 90 mins while the game is on and then a bit of time before and after the game.

Wembley Stadium I am absolutely disgusted!!!!!!!!!

For the last year, Little Mans bedroom has been in need of making it more personalised and it hasn’t been done as I am not sure what to do with it.

When I was given the  chance to review a wall sticker from Cut it out wall stickers, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get something great for his room. We were able to choose anything we wanted from the site. There were many different categories such as Home and Living, Bedroom, Kids and Nursery, Kitchen, Saying and Quotes and Trees and Flowers.

We choose a blue train with Little Mans name underneath in building blocks. You could have chosen it in many different colours.

I have used a picture from the Website as Little Mans name is under the one we were sent. However our wall sticker is the exact same as this one.

cut it outIt arrived in a hard cardboard tube rolled up. There were no instructions so I went onto the website where there is a video showing you how to put it on the wall. I have to say it wasn’t as easy as it looked from the video. It took two of us to put it up and took about 50 minutes.

After we had got it up on the wall I was really pleased with the end result and so is Little Man. It looks really good and professional. The quality is really good and I would definitely recommend Cut it out Wall Stickers if you’re looking for something like this. It can really change a room. Something quite simple can make a massive difference.

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